CIRKLA’s Sustainable Development Goals


At CIRKLA we promote and carry out the Circular Economy through our Marketplace with the sale of second-hand Data Center equipment. That is why we have very clear objectives when it comes to being sustainable with the environment. With our actions, we aim to reduce the CO2 emitted to the atmosphere, reducing water use and saving trees that could be cut down.

Of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we seek to meet the following:

Goal 5: Gender Equality

At CIRKLA, we believe in talent and believe everyone of all genders should have equal access to opportunities. In a predominantly male industry, we take pride in maintaining a 50-50 balance of men and women on our key leadership team and will continue to strive for a diverse workforce.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

As our major priority at CIRKLA is to extend the lifecycle of second hand Data Center equipment, the impact we work to achieve is to minimise the amount of e-waste sent to landfill by providing a proactive method of sustainable consumption.

Goal 13: Climate Action

By purchasing second hand equipment from our website, users immediately contribute to a carbon emissions savings by reducing the burden on the manufacturing process. This also reduces the water consumed in the production of the raw materials for Data Center equipment.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

We recognise that the most effective way to make a global impact and achieve our sustainable development goals is by partnering with companies around the world that have a similar Circular Economy outlook as us.

How we calculate “Your contribution to the Environment”

The savings calculations (CO2, Trees and Water) were based on publicly available information and wider research, so the all figures shown are approximate. It was considered that in general a Data Center product is made by 75% of Steel, 15% of Copper and 10% of Aluminium. Below, we will demonstrate how we calculate your environmental impact:

CO2 Emissions:

In our research, we found that 1 ton of Steel produces 1.77 tones of CO2; 1 Ton of Copper produces 3 Tons of CO2; and 1 Ton of Aluminium produces 18 Tons of CO2.
If, as mentioned, a product contains 75% Steel, 15% Copper and 10% Aluminium per kilo, 1 kg of equipment will theoretically produce 3.6 kg of CO2 emissions. See below:
(1.77 kg CO2 * 0.75 Steel) + (3 kg CO2 * 0.15 Copper) + (18 kg CO2 * 0.1 Aluminium) = 3.6 kg CO2 emissions per Kilo.
For example: we sold a server weighing 54 kg / 119.05 lbs. We calculated: 54kg * 3.6kg (CO2) = 194.4 kg / 428.57 lbs of CO2 emissions saved.

Trees saved:

In our research, we found that 1 Tree offsets 0.166 Tonnes of CO2 (166.66 kg). The number of trees saved by purchasing from CIRKLA is calculated by dividing the weight of CO2 emissions mentioned above by 166.66.
For example: we sold a server weighing 54 kg / 119.05 lb. We calculated: 194.4 kg of CO2 / 166.66 = 1.17 trees saved.

Water saved:

We also found that to produce 1 ton of Steel, 110,000 litres of water are required, 1 ton of Copper requires 250,000 litres, and 1 Ton of Aluminium requires 100,000 litres.
If, as mentioned, a product contains 75% Steel, 15% Copper and 10% Aluminium per kilo, theoretically to produce 1 kg of equipment, 130 liters of water are required.
(110 L Water * 0.75 Steel) + (250 L Water * 0.15 Copper) + (100 L Water * 0.1 Aluminium) = 130 L Water saved per Kilo
For example: we sold a server of 54 kg / 119.05 lb. We calculated: 54kg * 130 L (Water) = 7,020 L / 1,854.48 gal of water saved.