The 360º Data Center ESG & Sustainability Report, ready for the CSRD.

At CIRKLA, we firmly believe in creating a sustainable business model that meets the needs of the current generations without compromising the needs of future ones. For a business to be sustainable, it must meet its ESG responsibilities.

In recent years, great advances have been made that tend to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of Data Centers.

Being very aware of the potential and development that the Data Center industry will have in the coming years, in light of the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, CIRKLA is developing a comprehensive ESG auditing and reporting service, making it easy for Data Centers to measure their sustainability output and meet the needs of the CSRD.

CIRKLA 360 is a 360 degree sustainability report that encompasses the broadest standards of Circular Economy as well as the most specific ones applying to the the data center industry. Data centers will be able to measure everything from how sustainable they are in terms of data center infrastructures and facilities, energy consumption, GHG output, all the way down to how they interact with stakeholders, communities, and their environment.

The EU CSRD has already been implemented and applies to EU businesses, or EU subsidiaries of non-EU companies, that satisfy two of the three following criteria:

    - At least 20,000,000 EUR in total assets

    - ⁠At least 40,000,000 EUR net turnover

    ⁠- At least 250 employees

This regulation, in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Directive, also requires data center operators, or enterprises with their own data centers, with an installed capacity of 500kW and above to report on key sustainability metrics and KPIs.

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