We are the industry’s first, fully comprehensive online Data Center trading platform: CIRKLA – The Data Center Marketplace

At CIRKLA, we want to enable all Data Center professionals to contribute to a circular economy in our industry, aiming at zero waste and zero carbon emissions. 
Our end-to-end solution connects buyers and sellers worldwide, reaching more than half a million Data Center professionals in over 100 countries.

Check out the video to understand more about us:

CIRKLA will enable you to purchase and sell used and refurbished Data Center hardware.
You will also be able to find advertisements detailing the newest equipment, best service providers and cloud/colocation providers, as well as job opportunities and training in the industry.

Extend the lifecycle and provide a second life to used Data Center equipment and help developing societies prosper by making high quality certified hardware more accessible than ever.

We welcome you to become a member of our platform and be part of our journey to a more sustainable future!