Offering a Complete Decommissioning and Removal Service for IT Rooms and Data Halls reaching End-of-life

Our model is designed to take the work off your hands and find a 2nd Life for used hardware. Have a look below to find out how it works:


Planning and Evaluation

This process begins with a site visit to determine the requirements and the objectives, planning the strategic timelines and preparing the inventory list.


Green light: the dismantling of assets begins, strategically planned and coordinated by CIRKLA.


Our agents pack and palletize the assets on-site, which will be ready for storage and transportation.


The assets are picked up from the site at an agreed time, minimizing disruptions to daily operations.

Depending on the state the equipment is, the assets can either go to storage or directly to recycling.


Assets which are in a good state are sent to a warehouse with the best proximity to the site as well as nearby ports, reducing costs for the seller and the buyer.


If an asset is deemed unsalvageable or it is not in a good state, we work to find the best, most responsible and certified recycling service provider to take hold and recycle them.

Listing and Sale

For those assets which are in good state, with the equipment ready for further transportation, we begin listing them on our website and marketing them, finding a 2nd life for the assets.

Benefits of partnering with CIRKLA

Our model means everybody wins. By handling the end-to-end process of decommissioning and removal of depreciated assets, we enable Circular Economy and help the environment by reducing waste sent to landfill, as well as a slash in direct and indirect Scope 3 emissions.

Assets are frequently sold to emerging markets, enabling their societies to prosper and benefit from the highest quality technology at incredible prices, while decommissioning and removal costs are also recovered.

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Matching the most Demanding Standards

We are working under Directive 2002/96/EC WEEE - Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment. EN 50625-1:2014 Standard for Collection, Logistics and Treatment for WEEE General Treatment requirements.